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Archived Sermons


Living in Freedom: Choose not to Forget

God does not fall down on the job. It is up to us to choose actively not to forget this. We have all been in the pit of despair, but the promise of God is that he will come and take the sins and the brokenness and reclaim it for good.


Living in Freedom: Good and Loved

When we are needy, we go to God, and God meets us. Are you willing to be vulnerable and admit that you are poor and needy, and need God’s presence?


Living in Freedom: Cultivate a Life of Praise

Are you constant and consistent in prayer? What about just everyday talking with God?


Living in Freedom: A light in the Darkness

Have you ever longed for Scripture? Do you anticipate time with God and the Bible? Remember that New Relationship Energy? If you are searching for answers or battling demons, if you engage scripture with active anticipation of an experience with God – you’re going to receive it.


Galatians: In Step with the Spirit

If we hold on and don’t give up and trust that the Holy Spirit is in us, and that what matters isn’t what the world thinks, but what God thinks, you will be blessed in the process. We just can’t define the blessing.


Galatians: How to Live into Freedom

Stop. Drop. And Roll. When you find yourself in the midst of thinking that is flawed, hurtful, or negative, you should stop, drop the feeling, and roll on to the list of the fruits of the Spirit, and replace it with that.